Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fifty Years Ago Oct 1961

Speaking of babies,

the Mulligan girls made the news when they

all gave birth to baby boys in a 4 day span.

3 Sisters

3 boys

same Dr. delivered them

and they were

born at the same hospital

So who is who?

Can you name baby 1,2, & 3???
(Mark, Billy, & Phil)

Little Billy(so cute) was born Oct.20th

Mark was the youngest of the fab three Oct. 23rd

Phil celebrates his milestone birthday Oct.22nd


The Sage said...

Mark, Billy, Phil.

gpe said...

Happy Bday to the Octo-Trio!!!

I always thought it was consecutive days?

I live...I learn....

helenmary said...

Another good post by JOYCE! I think it is Phil Mark & Billy?????