Monday, October 17, 2011

East Coast Blog Worthy News!!!

Harry and I are proud to announce

that Andrea has received her

Masters of Science

in Education

She is going to be upset that I put this picture of her on the blog but hey

we are so very excited we couldn't wait for that perfect Kodak moment.

We took a Sunday drive to visit Uncle O & Rosemarie

who are both doing well.

They had a little news to share,

that another little Mulligan maybe on the way...

We will have to patiently wait for the official word.


Kathy M said...

way to go, Ange and Randy and Jessica, its great,:)

Red said...

Great news!

Congrats Andrea and mom and dad!

Congrats to Randall and Jessica too!

And let's not forget about the Comstock baby due anyday!

brofy said...

Great Job Andrea, another rung in the Mulligan ladder...babies every where, congrats to all........

helenmary said...

Way to go Andera! Never mind the fact you are not all dolled up for the picture but the degree in it's frame looks mighty fine!!!!!! LOL