Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to the World!

A big happy birthday to Kai Finlay Comstock. At 10:08AM on Saturday, October 22nd and Phil's 50th Birthday :) Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Kim and I are now very proud parents and very happy to make three very happy Grandparents. He was 8 Pounds 6 Ounces, 21 inches long, and gave us quite a scare born with a cord around his neck. Kai is truly our miracle baby, a long time coming, four years in the making, and even over a week late arriving. Mom, Dad, and Baby are well recovering at UCSF hospital and finally getting out tomorrow.


joyce said...

Oh he's beautiful!!!

Congratulations KCH& Kim,
Welcome baby Kai!!!

you know now we expect frequent posts of how he's growing and changing,LOL!!

helenmary said...

Welcome to the world little Kai! Can't wait to see you grow before our very blog eye's hint hint to mom or dad and if you are thinking who will have the time with a new little bundle of joy to post on the family blog you go to your house phone, or your cell phone, or send a text or an e-mail or go to facebook and find chris McCauley! I feel like I knew his children before we ever met in person just by his blogging every little smile or tooth or giggle or steps or swim in the pool or family get togather when all of us are so far apart! Not to that extent it may seem like a lot but trust me we will be happy with one picture here and there so we can enjoy the joy of your life your very own baby he's not a loaner to you like little Mathew was heeheee! he's yours to keep and like all good things he was ment to be shared by blogging, the new bragging right ot his generation! Congradulations!!!!!

SoCal red said...

Good stuff!

God bless Kai, his parents and long live the Mulligan clan!

Besides, a chord around a Mulligan neck only breeds one tough Mugg!

Seriously tho, we are very relieved and happy to have Kai with us!

Cant wait to see him in person!

God bless the Comstocks!

John Mulligan said...

Congrats Kim & Chris!

gpe said...

Welcome baby Kai!

Congrats to mom, dad and all your grandparents!!

Enjoy every moment and "first" with your new bundle-O-joy!!!!

k said...

Welcome to the world of parenting, enjoy each moment of each and every day, they grow so fast, GOD bless all of you and KAI welcome to the Clan.....all the best to you all.