Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reunion fun!!!!

Imagine... a rodeo in NY!!!!!

The Painted Pony Rodeo

Check out the link above, there is a rodeo on WED PM in Lake Luzerne while we are there!!!!

How cool is that?!!!!


There is the Concert in the Park on THUR PM (FREE!)

Anybody else see some good ideas????



The Mulli-people said...

Nice job RED!

Way to think outside of the box!

Can't wait to get all the kids together at the rodeo!

gpe said...

Sounds like fun...(the rodeo). Who remembers frontier days in WY circa 1981 or so...flapjacks and the blue angels...

RED said...

I do and I am sure Matt C. does as well!

I saw Johnny Cash there and a real chuckwagon race with a crash!

cowgirl jad said...

Yee-ha!!! rodeos are fun!

I remeber going to the big rodeo in WYoming

not tobe a kill joy but Wed. is our BBQ???

Brofy said...

will Bronco Billy be there? well done Red, I nominated you for the entertainment comittee, now fix the bbq conflict....jeter bails on 3000 in Wrigley,,ugh...yanks

RED said...

Rodeo is nite time event.

Dinner at 6pm Rodeo begins at 8pm.

Rodeo is only on WED.


BBQ gona have to be moved to TUES or Thurs.

Hereby proposed.

Do I here a second?????

gpe said...

Co existence shouldn't be a problem.

BBQ afternoon/all day event, Rodeo nighttime optional event. We don't know what nighttime lighting will be like at the camp. Probably conducive to relaxing time over main event.


jad said...

i vote keep BBQ to Wed afternoon, like 1pm for a couple of hours and for those that want to go to the rodeo there would be enough time to do that as well.

Walter Mattheu said...

Where will the drinking circle be at?