Sunday, June 12, 2011

Old Pic of the Day

Our Dad,

Camp Cook, CA

early 1950's

Dog unknown??


Red said...

Cool pic.

You can almost see everyone of the Espos in his face!!!

Love the mutt too!

gpe said...

Great pic JAD.. somebody has robbed the archive cause I have not seen this before. Thanks!!!

jad said...

Handsome guy, clearly we get our good looks from our irish-italian mix!

Red Drudge said...

I found it interesting that Camp Cooke became Vandenberg Air Force Base. Its located in beautiful Santa Barbara County home of some mighty fine wines I might add. So Uncle Junior was the first Mugg to ever make it to the left coast. The Mully world could've veered off on a completely different tracjectory if Junior and Anne decided to make roots on the left coast.

jad said...

Good sleuthing!
We've been to the left coast, just not when you've been there. Also been to Disneyland. Our dad drove our famous camper through California.