Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Determined Dog 6/1/11

You won't keep me out!!!


gpe said...

Good job Tyson!

And if you are just letting yourself in after driving or taking the train from Yonkers I will be really impressed!!!!

p.s.. I like the pause to say "in your face!" upon entering..

joyce said...

Gary, that's Isabella(Izzy), not Tyson.
Tyson would just break the door down!

helenmary said...

Is that on utube yet???? tooooo funny go izzy!

Cersar RED the dog translator said...

I speak dog and I for can tell you that Izzy said "next time you do something like that, I'm peein on the floor..."

Oh and she also said "change my name, please, change my name I'm not kidding..."