Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Something for Everyone

Rodeo is good start on the entertainment path.

The area has activities to do and places to visit for all taste. 

Follow-up post / polls are forthcoming.

Take a look here....

Lake George Guide

Great Escape Amusement Park
Very nearby and group discount (15 or more available). I you are interested let it be known on the comments or thru email.

Tioga Downs Race & Casino 
This may appeal to certain know who you are!


joyce said...

FYI for The Great Escape if it is a group of 15 or more tickets are $22.00 PP and must be purchased in advance

50 or more they have special pricing plus a Buffet for the family, also advance ticket purchase. They host family reunions. Check it out on the Gary's link under groups!!

an armed mugg said...

Hey why didn't you add shooting at the nearby gun range?

The people should have a choice!