Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old Pic of the Day

Who do you know????


Kim Comstock said...

I see Uncle Owen, Aunt Kathleen, Aunt Maureen and Grandma Mulligan but not sure who are the other guys and women in the picture.

I love our old family photos. Thanks for posting.

gpe said...

My survey says...

Aunt Anne (Mom)
Uncle Jr (Dad)
Uncle O
Aunt Maureen

p.s..I love the old pics too!

helenmary said...

Uncle Murl my mom (Aunt Anne Mulligan) Uncle Owen, Aunt Ann (grandmas sister Murl is her husband of Buffello NY) Grandma Mulligan my father (uncle Jr/Angelo Esposito) and Aunt Kathleen (Mulligan)

jad said...

I am thinking the same Helen

Kathy M said...

Uncle Merl And Aunt Ann Broadbent our Grandmothers sister in Buffalo,
NY, when we were young we would stay with them in the summer for a few weeks so my mother and father could get a rest from having so many children, and I hated been in there lol Joyce was the favorite with Aunt Ann ....

Kathy M said...

I don't think that is Aunt Maureen, it looks to me like our Mom and Dad, are Aunt Kathleen who looks bored lol, Uncle Owen, and are Beloved Grandma !! oh and Aunt Ann and Uncle Merl..... who by the way never had any children, so my parents sent us Esposito's up there to be theirs for a few weeks in summer..... leave it to Joyce to dig ot the old pic's !!!

Red said...

I second GPE.

Great pic!