Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thats Mr McCauley to you!

One awesome Uncle! One awesome father! one awesome brother! one awesome papa!
I'm keeping the mood light on March 9, 2011 Uncle Bill papa dad and brother will learn if hes getting a internal device ? or a big high five go on and live your life! Hay that's what the Dr said in layman's terms just the way Mr. McCauley wants it said!and hes the man so i will be there to keep him company while he get the news hes been waiting for! and then maybe go have a tuna melt that's how it is when you are lucky enough to roll with the like of a Mr William McCauley! God Bless and good luck! I say this because it seems when he goes to see either of his three Dr's they seem surprised that his life vest hasn't gone off! Aunt Gail and i see that as a good sign to a healing heart!
One a personal note I'm going to miss Aunt Gail and Uncle Earl picking me up to go with uncle Bill to his Dr visits! Uncle Earl is a super shouffer and waiting room pro! Aunt Gail is good company for conversation her and i both know we are nerves as H*** waiting to hear what the Dr's have to say! And as you guys all know Aunt Gail is the best at alllllllllllllllll the phone call to keep aLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the McCauley clan posted.
I so much enjoyed your company at the Dr's and else where? the lunches the casinos! a trip to my moms all of it was wonderful!
And to my cousins the McCauley boys and their families you have given your dad more joy then you will ever know with your visits he loves seeing you and the kids. I like the visits mostly for the pantry loads I get when you leave!
One last note to Uncle Jimmy McCauley I see Aunt Gail and Uncle Earl here l and know you are as present here as they are I know the love and support caring and concern for you brother is a never ending emotion not to worry when all the McCauleys are out of state and until they return myself Gary Cathleen Lauren uncle J immy and aunt Anne all family here in Florida stand in as your eyes and ears1 Everyone loves Mr William McCauley my Uncle!


helenmary said...

That hat is from Aunt Gail I love it on uncle Bill it is perfect for him!! Gotta love that uncle Bill!!

joyce said...

Looking good Big B!!!

SoCal said...

Love the report!

Love the pic!

Keep up the good work SoFlo!!!

Payne Stewart said...

looks so sophisticated...yanks

helenmary said...

Now there's a word you don't see to often when Mr McCauley is the topic of conversation?.This is a man who wore a flannel shirt well pladshirt, workout pants with the double white lines down the side of the leg, um black socks and his 17yr old polished black Sunday best shoses!the pants mind you were nicely hung above the ankle bone!to a Dr visit that when the Dr had to check his ankles for swellening he had to tell the Dr about the shoses and the pant story of not fitting into his jeans! he took his shoses off and his socks had holes in them! Ask Aunt Gail no lier here.SOPHISTICATED? Yeah after Aunt Gail slapped a new sharp cap on his head nice polo shirt ! kakie slacks swade shose for the most recent Dr visit looking sharp like Uncle Earl(wink wink)that word could then be used!but at the elevator on the way to the Dr appt Mr. McCauley slirped a sip of coffee and slopped it right in the middle of his shirt! So SOPHISTICATED? um not quite there yet.All facts of the above story can be verified by Aunt Gail and Uncle Earl, um just Earl to me hehee!Uncle bill what you have covered is love and thats good enough for me!

jad said...

with that new cap Mr Mccauley can dress anyway he wants, LOL!!!

funy story, hehe

Kathy M said...

You are great with the information and story's to boot, we all love are big Bill, and kodo's to Helen for enriching are day with good in sight on how all is going for Uncle Bill with Dr's appt's, Helen keep the story's coming .............. :) ps: The hat looks awesome on big Bills big head... lol