Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Milestone Birthday for Uncle O ! 2/16/2011

Seventy years ago today,

twins were born.

A boy Owen and a girl Kathleen.

Aunt Kathleen will remain

forever young in our minds and hearts

Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!!!!

from the vault

"three brothers"


Brofy said...

Great pictures!! hard to believe our mother would have been 70 yrs old....happy b-day to both Uncle Owen and our beloved mother..

gpe said...

Happy Birthday UO and AK!

Very nice pics and post JAD...

Kim Comstock said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pictures.

SoCalRED said...

Great post!

Thanks JAD!

Mom woulda been one fiesty senior!!!

I bet UO could still take David down in an arm wresting match!!!

In fact I hope to see such a thing this summer!!!

Kathy M said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Owen, and to my God Mother Aunt Kathleen who taught me a lot and was loved by us all, and like Chris Mc said one fiesty senior,,,, oh yes indeed... :)

helenmary said...

Happy belated Birthday to you Uncle Owen! Joyce you are so good at keeping our family events and birthdays current on the blog I wish i could be more like you when it comes to posting but i come for a peek or lerk as you say and want to post a comment and then cant remember my password so I go away and when im on like today thats because i have a new password! hehee Im like this with all my accounts I need to see a password Dr I have a real problem! lol