Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby 2011 now has a name!Mark Gadrial 02/08/2011

Mark is now three weeks old and a very good baby! He is Cathleen first and she states her last child! hehee:]
Marc & Cathleen, the happy parents, three weeks into it and still loving every new experiance Mark has brought to them!

On this day Cathleen brought the baby home at 10pm the night before and he had to be to the Drs at 8am and after she got home two hours later she still was able to smile!

A few days in and the bed got made! hehee :}Cathleen

Cathleen came to me the other day to tell me something about the baby and said, "when I got him" I have to show her proof he was born from her! hehee :]

Dr Suidmak the stork! He has a picture taken with all his babies!

The moment we knew she was staying and leaving with a baby! born on Nicholas Esposito's birthday~


Kathy M said...

Thank you for sharing special moments with your family,,, enjoy they grow so fast :)

jad said...

Great pics helen!!

Congratulations to the proud new parents and grandparents(that would be you miss hehe)

SoCal said...

Congrats Cathleen!

Both momma and baby look great!

Enjoy the sleeplessness!!!

gpe said...

I can confirm that baby is very good n cute and Mom is doing a great job!!!