Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lets Hear it for the Boy!!!

Presenting Your 2009 Pinto League Champion Cardinals

The Victors and the Runner-up Red Sox (all the better!)

A Solemn Moment on the Bench

Nic and his buddy Elijah who plays for the sox.

Great job Nic!!!
Mom and Dad are very happy for you..and UB and Grandma too!


joyce said...

Congratulations Nicholas!!!
nice trophy for your room

gpe said...
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gpe said...

Nick's team also came in 1 st place during the regular season.

helenmary said...

What a great post! So now you are like the Yenkees 2009 champs of their respective leagues!Glad you had a fun season. On Turkey day i want to see the nice trophy in person!The name ESPOSITO on the back of your shirt feminded me of my PE days in middle school when grangma Mulligan sewed ESPOSITO on the back of my one piece gym uniform! It looked good then and it looks great on you!

red said...

Great job Nic!!!!!!

The west coast is proud too!!!!

Borfy said...

Is it true Nick demanded a trade to the Redsox....yanks...congrads Nick!!