Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wish 11/26/2009

Even though we are far away

My thoughts are with each of you

on this special day.

My wish is simple and sincere.

Happy Thanksgiving


God's blessings all year.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your families

Love The Upstate New York Mulligan Clan!!


red said...

Right back at you JAD!!!

Happy Bird Day all!!!!!!

Thankful jad said...

Thanks for the addition, Red!

gpe said...

I (we) too hope all had a nice turkey feast with friends and family. Sofla Clan...

John Mulligan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

big bill says... said...

I want to thank KCM and his family for a beautiful thanksgiving weekend.

It was almost perfect, if not for the yellow cab ride to the airport and knowing you were going there too and in a limo!!

I regret to inform you that I will be removing your 5 star status!!!

WAM press release

Let UB have a limo ride,jad said...

No limo for UB, how rude!!

gpe said...

I must concur JAD... the disappointment in his voice as he told me about the icy conclusion to his holiday weekend was very sad.

Of course the bright side is that with new diggs in cali RED should be a cinch to take over the chi-town 5 star rating..most considered it a fluke anyway!