Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah & Chessie 11/9/2009

The warm up around the ring

Chessie is a 25 year old former race horse

And now the "jump"


gpe said...

Elizabeth wonders if your other horse is sleeping? awesome jumps!!
love,nick,and Elizabeth.

helenmary said...

Thats just GREAT! Cathleen n I enjoyed this post Cathleen has a passion 4 horeses too! your a very lucky kid she said keep up the good work you look like a pro!

joyce said...

Hey Elizabeth, Sarah has been riding Chessie for a few weeks now. the other horses are in the stable or out in their paddock.

red said...


Matthew loves the videos and is now full on into horsies!!!!

Cant wait to see you all in FLA!!!!

gpe said...

So when do we know "thanksgivins" fate? and if Scotty Mac does the deed will there be footega at 11?

According to the poll the clan wants bood!!!

joyce said...

This week Scott is off to Buffalo for hunting. On his return home he said the turkeys are going to the butcher, so it's off with his/their heads!!!!

don't think there will be any footage