Saturday, September 5, 2009

End of Summer Get-a Way!

School starts soon and we were looking to get out of Wappingers Falls for a bit
Lake George, NY.
We went to Fort Ticonderoga,
There were cannons everywhere

There was some entertainment

Exploring the fort
By the way our kids thought this was boring...

Fort Ticonderoga National Historic Landmark

Pre-cell phone days
Remember when you needed a quarter to make a call from a phone booth??

We stayed at the Great Escape Lodge

which has an indoor water park.

Needless to say our kids really enjoyed this part of the trip.

Scott enjoyed a beer

Indoor water park features 9 water rides/slides


red said...

Looks like a cool trip!

Love the history!

the people said...

we want more scottie mac drinkin pics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! pay phones, I hated them, most of the time they ripped you off and you were SOL! at least with the cell you can B***H and get something out of them besides a phone call! hehehe.Life is good when you can still do more then pay bills with your money!Looks like a fun stay no matter what the kids think!! They are blessed and lucky for the memories, wish I was a stow a way!!!!!!

gpe said...

Very nice pics Joyce.. thanks for sharing, but weren't pay phone calls a dime or less back in your day?

they're teens its their job to think its boring and yours to keep taking them..they'll thank you one day!

Brofeous said...

fun stuff, nothing like a family getaway ....hopefully it was a long drive and few stops, show the yutes what an old time vaca was like...yanks