Saturday, September 5, 2009

More of End of Summer Fun

There goes the Mini Ha-Ha!
A bear hug!

Grandma's room

Sunflowers, my favorite flower!

Looking for the Kings Garden, n the grounds surrounding the fort.

Michael is looking for Vermont,
Vermont is on the other side of Lake Champlain,
the lake that Fort Ticonderoga located on.


swm said...

Great pics Joyce! Maybe you can give Gary and I those Daniel Boone hats! We will look great wearing them while tailgating at the FIU vs FAU in December. I'm calling the game the battle of the Esposito's Alma mater. Gary vs Jason.

joyce said...

That would be a site you & Gary in racoon hatas, you'd look like Ralph Cramdom & Ed Norton from the old Honeymooners Show.LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hay you sure you don"t want the drums too!! thanks for the laugh, that was a pi**er, and a good come back from JAD!

gpe said...

the lengths some will go to to cover the scalp and fit in with the young guns!!

Go Golden Panthers!!