Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Were You Doing 30 Years Ago Today?

A good portion of the clan was attending the wedding of Joyce Anne and Kathleen Lucille to Harry and Carlos Orlando. Oh what a day it was August 25th, 1900 and 79!!!!!!!!

God Bless the Happy Couples and Grandma too!!!


red said...

Happy Anniversary!

Gwyneth said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary Joyce & Harry and Kathy & Carlos!

Brofy said...

Happy aniversary, a great accomplishment....I was still mourning the death of Thurmond Munson....take that GPE....yanks

seems like only yeaterday jad said...

30 years, WOW, I guess it is a great accomplishment especially now a days.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes now on to the next 30+ yrs we go.

only brofy would remember the death of a yankee , was he a catcher??