Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Milestone Birthday 8/24/2009

Happy 50Th Birthday Danny!!

Best Wishes and lots of love

on your very special day and always.

**** Happy Birthday to all of the other August Birthdays****

Hope you all had or have a great day!


gpe said...

!!!happy birthday Danny!!!

very nice post JAD.. maybe you will return to posting the monthly bday roll call again. speaking to mom this month I did not realize just how many August bdays there are, its quite a list.

jad said...

I could do that, I need to update the list.

the supreme council said...

We second the motion.

Hereby ordered JAD is appointed:

High Commissioner of Mulli-Bee-Days

Acknowledger of Bdays for Clan members, inlaws and all other prelates in regards to monthly posting with 24 hr bumping rights from other less frivolous drab postings such as UNIRAMBLER, KCMscribing or such other nonsense as determind by GPE or higer authority MUGGmin, in special regards to admining the such and such dailys.

So said...

helenmary said...

Yes Happy Birthday Danny! take it from one who has croosed over the 50th mark, its best now to stop counting!!! hehehe hope your day was happy!!!

swm said...

Happy Birthday Danny.

Gwyneth said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!