Friday, August 19, 2011

Sculptures and Nature

Gwyneth had told me about this place some time ago.

It's close to where we live, 500 acres of beautiful landscape
dotted with sculptures of various designs, shapes and size.

We liked the Three Legged Buddha the best!

He's massive!

This outdoor museum has been here for Fifty years...who knew??

Thanks Gwyneth for the tip!!


Gwyneth said...

Glad you guys had fun!

Brofster said...

good stuff, who knew???

gpe said...

It looks like it is going to be a crushing experience in the first pic!!

That looks very cool...especially the Buddha head being stomped into the ground!!

Very cool post....

SoCal said...

Cool post!

I think I remember driving past this place, is it close to the thruway?

joyce said...

It's past New Windsor going toward West Point and we took TRte 9W to get there about an hr(maybe less) from our place. it was beautiful day when we went. They have many walking paths and for those that don't want to stretch their legs there are trams(like in Disney) to take you around the grounds.
And Gary they even have a cafe that sells their own brad of coffee!