Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remembering a Special Lady! 8/25/11

Catherine Mulholland
later became Mulligan
(is what is written on back of photo in Grandma's handwriting)
Happy Birthday Grandma!!


John Mulligan said...


gpe said...

Very nice picture... Happy Birthday... and Happy Anniversary to JAD & HD and Hey Lucille & COMJ!!

- 1979
='s Holy Crap that was along time ago!!!!!

SoCalRED said...

Great post!

What a pic and congrats on the aniversary!!!

Be sure to check back soon to see some Big Bill in Cali pics...

Kathy M said...

yes Gary that would be 32 years, ago and not including the 6 years prior to getting married... The picture of Grandma is such a good memory for are special day, since it was shared with her, she was a beautiful person...and sooo missed, but my memories will always last a life time,, Thanks everyone for all the good wishes sent,,,