Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congrats to the HUBBY!!!!!

This Year's November Surprise!!!!!


Kim Comstock said...

What a crazy night! I watched it at home with him and he pretty much lost his mind running down the streets of Pacifica. There were more fire works than 4th of July going off in my town too. He went to AT&T park after the game and he posted some videos on his FB page.

And, now, we leave for Kauai for 2 weeks in 24hrs. He is definitely having a great week!

Thanks for the post.

Kim Comstock's Hubby said...

No words can describe... Wow.

Red said...

For some reason when I read the words... "running down the streets of Pacifica" I just assumed he was naked!!!!

Congrats again!

A great win for a great town!

Cant wait to see the Hawaii pics!!!

Joe Girardi said...

ahh schucks!!!!

jad said...

Good for the Giants & Fans!!! It has been a long time for a big win for them.

have a great trip, oh now i get it it's also your anniversary!

gpe said...

JAD remembers the last Giants team that won it all and said this years crew is much much better...!!!!!