Friday, October 29, 2010

Creepy Girls or Ghouls...

Getting in the spirit of the holiday
So you had a bad day or maybe not?

Happy Halloween!!!
Be safe!

*** Post pics of your little gobblins and ghouls for us to see***


SoCal said...

Great shots!

Can't wait to see more from everybody!!!!

Anonymous said...

AWSOME!!! and the second picture is COOL!

helenmary said...

can some one please put up a picture of a LIT PUMKIN I didn't see one this year,I would so enjoy seeing your carving skills with a candle in the middle or is it battery operated? ah the good old days when a candle flickered in the pumkin outside the frontdoor.

jad said...

i was going to take a pic(just for you) of the pumpkin Sarah carved, a skull face, but when i looked at it it was all caved in. I guess we should have left it outside a bit longer.