Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Debut...

With September comes the end of summer (ok for most of you.. we're still roasting  down here!) the beginning of a new school year (and schools!) and of course fall baseball.

This September has Nicholas entering the 3rd grade and beginning another youth baseball season. He has moved up to the Mustang league which means....Kid pitch!!  So pictured above is Nics debut - a relief appearance - in game two.

We are proud of his first outing (came in with bases loaded and only allowed one run - 4k's in 1 &2/3 in) and definitely glad that he will get to throw a ball at something other than our severely dimpled front door!!!

Good Job Kiddo!


Anonymous said...

swing batter , batter, swing, great job Nick.

SoCal said...

Excellent mechanics, follow thru and perfect delivery!

Love the throw home without hesitation!

Cant wait to see more!

joyce said...

way to go Nicholas, you're a power house on the ball field with out a doubt!!!

Brofy said...

nice, good form, looks like a pitcher!! if dad could hold the camera still were in great shape....yanks