Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chicago Mcs California Vacation

Wrestling with Matthew at the beach

SLS hotel pool after wedding talking to papa

Swimming on roof

Swimming at cousins

Back at the beach

Matthew on the attack

The cousins at Hermosa Beach

Nice Beverly Hills wedding

Persian wedding ceremony
The cousins from moms side waiting to walk down the aisle

B's first day in first grade


The Champ said...

connor says,"You can run but you can not hide"!!!!

joyce said...

Great pics Kyle!!

love the beach ones, the boys are growing so fast, tell brofy good luck in 1st grade!!!

keep the pics coming!!

Matt 2.0 said...

For our listeners at home, let it be known Matt dominated the midwesterners...

Maybe it was the home field sand advantage or just post tux wearing fatigue...

But anyway you slice it, this Matt kid is the real deal...

Who's next??!!!

gpe said...

Hmmm no matter how u cut it's obvious that bullyism is taking place..big kid taking advantage of little kid! Don't be surprised if MAC takes him out on the next visit!!

Good to see good cuz memories forming early nice stuff!!

PS I here those BH drinks are easy on the wallet, thats good to hear!!!!

John Mulligan said...

Great Photos Kyle!