Friday, April 23, 2010

Congratulations on Your Retirement

After almost 30 yrs of serving his country Lt Col Owen McCauley is retiring from the US Army on April 23, 2010 and entering civilian life. On behalf of the Mulli-Clan I just want to thank Owen - and all that serve - for keeping us safe and free all these years.

Now after risking life and limb on every corner of the earth you can report to a permanent tour of duty serving under Gen Amy McCauley and leading your squad of four into the future!
Thank You O, and Enjoy Your New Civilian Life!
 Below are some fave "O" pics contributed by JAD... 


joyce said...

Congratulations Owen & Amy too, Maybe I never said it to you in person but I have always been so very proud of you for giving of yourself to serve our country. The ARMY's lose is OUR gain!

Amy, If Owen didn't have the support of you he couldn't have made as far as he has. So Thank you too for your years as an "ARMY WIFE", It wasn't easy but you made it look like a piece of cake.

Kim Comstock's Hubby said...

Thank you for your service, and congratulations on retirement! I hope you get to enjoy some long term R&R now... Thanks again Owen.

red said...

Good stuff GPE and JAD!!!

Nice to see some responsible ADMIN stuff for a change!!!

Congrats to Big O and Big A!!!

See you all soon down on the ranch in Texas!!!!

I look forward to drinkin margaritas and shootin guns!!!

John Mulligan said...

Congratulations Owen!