Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Avery's 2nd Birthday!!

Here are some pictures from Avery's birthday! We wish you all could have come but, hopefully these pics will make you feel like you were there too. We might be having a party is august so maybe we will see you all very soon! Love, Jessica, Randy and Avery

Avery's new swing set
Ice cream cake
The Birthday Girl!!!
Helping mom make food


joyce said...

shebucknas is soooooo cute!

Happy Birthday Avery!!

i bet that was a Ben n Jerry's ice cream cake ,yum-yum my favorite

John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday!

red said...

Happy B-day Avery!!!

And greeting to the VT crew!!

Great shots! Love the swing set!

JAD- "shebucknas" ??? an explanation is due!

Kim Comstock's Hubby said...

I can't believe it's been two years already... Happy Birthday Avery!

jad said...

LOL!! don't you know I started my own language,
translation she is soooo cute!!

Kathy M said...

Happy belated Brithday Avery, it will be nice for us all to get together, my mom is back in town and we will be going up to see Uncle Owen and Rosemarie, so myb we will see u sooner, hope all is well, keep up the good parenting shes beauitful, and so are the two of you.