Friday, October 16, 2009

Remember Harry's "keets" and Boy Scout News

Well they aren't keets or small anymore.
Now they are birds, that roam around our yard, squawking(they are loud) and pecking at the dirt and seem to love our Dogwood tree when they're not in their coupe.
Robert is a Boy Scout, Troop 40.
He was waiting to receive his Beaver Basge

Good job Robert!!!


REDsrow!!!! said...

Holy "keets"!

Love it!

I want to see the scouts shooting guns, like McCauleys do!

Can you prep the turkey? said...

The birds are a site to see.. they run around in a pack and are quite funny to watch. Good job Robert!! Hey if Scotty McD get cold feet when it comes time to get the turkey "ready" just let the scouts do it!!

joyce said...

Yikes!! after reading that link preping the turkey, I don't even want to eat a chicken.