Saturday, October 17, 2009

Esposito Family Reunion (of Port Chester NY)

The Whole Clan

On October 11 the Espositos' reunited at Crawford Park in Rye Brook. It was the first such gathering in 20 years and loooong overdue.

Dad's younger Sister Annmarie, younger brother Tommy and older sister Kay.

Mom and Cousin Loraine (Dad's first cousin)

Diane and Helen with Uncle Tommy the family jokester who had everyone laughing and smiling all day long!

It was a pretty special day for everyone.. Even though it had been a real long time since most of us saw each other (or even just met) it did not take long to catch up, share old memories and make new ones on a truly special day.


joyce said...

Gary, where is Helen in that group pic? I can't find her. Talked to Aunt Milly and she said that isn't the whole clan, there is more... can you imagine if they all had come. They would have to have found a bigger park!!! Maybe next time they will rent out that mansion.

Anyway it was a great day to be Italian!!!

red said...

Great stuff!

Glad to see the Espos embrace their heritage and reconnect!

Family is where its at!

gpe said...

Very true Red..

I should of stated the whole clan that was present minus all the kids that were playing on the other side of the pavilion.

helenmary said...

That was a great Day!!!!! I now no what a real hug and handshake feels like!