Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Way to Go Dynasty!!!

At the end of June 2009, Dian's teacher entered ar poem of hers into the
Creative Communication poetry contest.
the teacher has received word that Dina's poem has been selected to be published in the Creative Communication's summer poetry anthology book.

ProoflD: DE2431NY

Green is a bright tree.
Green is a shiny grape.
Green is broccoli.
Green is cabbage.
Green is lettuce.
Green is a cucumber.
Green is green grass.
Green is my favorite color.
Dynasty Esposito, Grade 1
•Public School 250 George Lindsey, NY


helenmary said...

Let me be the first to say what a welcome post! and what a beautiful picture! Dynasty your poam is so sweet!I like green too! I just never thought of it that way, so now I know green is a yummy color! Great job you should feel very proud and I am green with envy because I never won a contest of anny kind!!! at 52 I don't remember? hehehe!If I did ever win one and remember! you will be the first to know! Enjoy the new school year, and God Bless all our special teachers who make a small child feel ten feet TALL!!

gpe said...

Dyna, I also enjoyed your poem very mucj. And for the record I did not know that all those things are green (I had too ask)so I learned something too boot!

Keep up the good work...

red said...

great stuff!

you write betta than i ever did!

swm said...

Great poem Dynasty, keep up the good work!