Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lady & the Fowl?

Well there she is Lady Anne among the wild life at the McDonald homestead
or should I say
Old McDonald's Farm.
Lady Anne is not quite sure what to make
of these turkeys and guinea hens roaming free.
The turkeys names are: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Years Day. Don't ask me who is who because I don't know. Gobble, Gobble

This one is fattened up & he was nice enough to stop and pose for a picture.

And so is this one and he's still looking for food

Scott is looking over his future dinner very carefully.
But the question is can he do it? Can Scott kill that poor, defenseless turkey and make him a feast???
Stay tuned...


swm said...

If society ever breaks down I'm moving in with Scott and Harry. Between their cooking, raising of fowl, and agricultural acumen I will feel quite confident in their ability to keep me well fed and alive.

PS - Nice photos Joyce

gpe said...

I'm in agreement SWM and don't over look there ability and willingness to kill animals large and small on the list of survivalist skills.

Great pics Joyce! Mom looks good amongst the birds (fowl) probably reminiscing about her days lopping off the heads of chickens as a youth in Buffalo!!!!

John Mulligan said...

The turkeys are overrunning NY!!

jad said...

John, what do you mean??? We have an over population of turkeys in NY like deer?? i didn't know that.

Who knows maybe we can form a Mulligan Compound someday LOL

red said...

I think Scotty can do the fowl a proper end, i wish I could be there!

Look Whats Cookin says... said...

Red when the time comes be sure to recommend a fine wine to serve with each holiday bird!

If Scotty Mac adds ducks to ol McDonald farm he can make a Tutrducken!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!! funny..... I hope those turkeys are not going to be KILLED for a holiday FEAST!!! ill,ill,ill! ill, ill!!!!!Just let them enjoy the land! I think their life is a high price to pay for room n board!!!Did they come a knocking and ask? Hay can we stay on your land and eat your grass!make some gobble gobble sounds,cuz were turkeys and thats what we do and ya we dont mind if you CHOP OFF OUR HEADS for the turkey day feast for you humans!!! ENJOY!!!!

ACLU Member said...

Typical Right Wing Survivalist Compound..... Guns, antitax, antigovernment, antihealth care, prowar Republicans taking advantage of the helpless! If everone got rid of their guns and paid more in taxes, the fowl and the US would be truly free!!!

The Queen of Hearts Says said...

Off with their heads!!!!!

and be sure to make a video so we can upload it to the blog!!!