Sunday, August 2, 2009

More July Highlights 2009

Howe Caverns Under ground caves
also know as the" wonder down under"

Afternoon at Uncle Owen's in CT
Unfortunately Randy, Jessica & the baby weren't able to make it

A sphere from the Twin Towers,
now has a new home in Battery Park
Liberty Island
Andrea and some ugly statue in Batery Park

NYC as seen from Liberty Island

We're hot and hungry

Statue of Liberty

The ferry to the Sataue of Liberty

Gary and kids resting on the lawn of the Statue of Liberty


red said...

Looks hot and humid!

Everyone looks great!

joyce said...

It was hot & humid, we came home from the city feeling grimy, otherwise it was a fun day.

swm said...

Nice pictures Joyce!

But why are David and Gary seated and when their are children, women and their own Mother present?

joyce said...

ya know Scott that's a good question.