Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello fellow family members! Little Lauren here reporting her future life story! Recently back in the midst of June my mother, father, and boyfriend headed down to sweet upstate NY, troy that is! Too register me to college. I am majoring in Liberal Arts for Writing/Journalism and I can't be happier! I am also planning on looking into going to SUNY Albany after my 2 years at Hudson Valley Community college! Phewwww so much is so little time! I finally got my drivers license and my daddy that i love so much bought me a 2001 Chevy blazer! With only 77,000 miles on it! Very Young for a 2001 hence my daddy has 257,000 on his 2001 yukon! Haha anyways I am well on my way and will be living down there for 2 years In East greenbush, NY here is my address for all you who would like to write or send me christmas cards i LOVE getting mail :)

1703 Windsor Crossing
East Greenbush, NY

Here are some pictures of the college, where il be living, and my cute little blazer named Thomas! ENJOY AND SAVE THE ADDRESS :)


helenmary said...

Now that your going off to collega does that your no longer to be known as CASPER? hehehe! Well all I can say and is the right thing to say is best of LUCK you will do fine as long as you keep your eyes on the goal you set for your self. Now is the time to have one attitude, you vow not to let anythig or any one distract you and I have no dought that you will do everything you set out to do!! Enjoy this experiance every bump is a learning lesson, so bump off to that little apartment and keep us posted on the blog!!Nice safe auto for the snow of TROY NY! hehehe. Thanks for the address I will send you a christmas card!!!!!!!

Red said...

Alright and good luck!

Carlos, 257000 on the '01 Yukon!?

Nice! I got 50k on my '04 Tahoe am very glad to hear that!

***Nice to see the blogg busy again... I was starting to wonder when saome lurkers and regulars were gona surface!!!!

joyce said...

I hope you will keep us updated on the happenings up at HVC. Don't forget us bloggers!!!

I second Aunt Helen best of luck in this new chapter of your life I know you will be successful no matter what you put your mind to.

swm said...

Hey Lauren, good luck. the time will go by quickly. jason already got a year under his belt. i hear he is taking summer courses to graduate earlier.

"Bluto" said...

You could have one hell of a kegger in that joint!

I can see em jumping off the balcony into a kiddie pool already!

Say good-bye to that security deposit!

laurenashley said...

Hey Bluto, I'm not that type of kid. I'm going to school for my education i've already been through my party stage and it was earlier in my life. I got lucky now i can focus on my future. Watch out for new papers or bookstores in the up coming years my name will be ALL over it... =)

helenmary said...

Good come back post, It seems those before you think the drink is some how funny stuff? but it is not! and it has no place in the conversation that has to do with going off to college! I am a kill joy to many but my advice to anyone who comes to ur place to PARTY! you show them the porch and push them off. Drinking, drugs and guns are no longer funny things in this country, neither is having no health insurance. I hope to read one of your articals on any of these subjects in the future. I have a friend named Robert Stinebeck who wrote for the Miami Hareld and now he free lances, he said you picked a good and creative path to prusue and good luck!

the anti-BLUTO said...

Reading is fun!

Reading is FUNdamental!


Way to go Casper and way to rally round family HEHE!

I like crossword puzzles!

laurenashley said...

This "BLUTO" person is a real dumbo.... bluto, REVEAL YOURSELF..

joyce said...

Lauren, don't be too hard on Bluto, whoever he or she is. The comments are all in good fun and adds to the colorful personalities of our blog. Like Aunt Helen, our conscious of the blog

Remember a good sense of humor will help get you through the tough times, life is too short to be so serious.