Monday, August 3, 2009

Grandmas little man! 11 mo old!

A little peek at Payton, He says hello!
to all the bloggers!


Red said...

Kid looks great!

Love the blonde hair!

Nice post HEHE!

Cant wait for more!

***PS a Mc-baby post is in the works...

joyce said...

he's very cute and getting so big but I think you should have let Lauren Ashley have her post at least one day before plastering the blog with Payton, just my thought

swm said...

Joyce, did you just say plastering, oh oh, well then, don't look above helen's post.

PS i saw payton on Saturday and he looks great. he's all lungs.

John the Baptist said...

Saw Payton on Saturday?

What else was going on on Saturday?


joyce said...

SWM I won't protest to much becauseI am very happy to see activity back on our blog, so bring on the plastering!