Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy BirthDay "Lady Anne"!!!

Happy birthday to Mom and all the June bugs!

Earlier this year the moniker that Mom herself has used became official. Through the thoughtful actions of JC we can now officially refer to our Mom (Aunt Anne) as "Lady Anne". JC noticed the "Lady Anne" license plate on Mom's car and then took actions that only JC could or would know how to do... Thanks John


joyce said...

Happy Birthday mom!!!

Thanks john for your thoughtful gesture, it really put a smile on mom's face & is quite fitting, there will be no living with her now...LOL!

She was dubbed "Lady Anne" by none other than our grandmother, the licence plate came later.

Good job Gary of posting!

gpe said...

I knew I was better off leaving the background details to tribal elders, thank JAD!!

Red said...

Good stuff!

Happy birthday Aunt Anne!!!!!

& God Bless Lady Anne!

PS: I vote "AA" online persona to officially change to "LA". Second?

swm said...

Happy birthday Lady Anne!

John Mulligan said...

Very Nice JC....

Congrats Lady Anne.