Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Celebration!! 6/20/09

The Ocaision
The Cake,

Lady Anne, herself with her bottle of bubbly!!!

her court,

and some of her subjects


John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Ann!!!

gpe said...

Nice pics Joyce, thanks!!

Where were the men, beheaded??? LOL...

I know that wasn't an ice cream cake because I was warned (or reminded) that getting Mom an ice cream is the fast lane to expulsion from the court!

PS. very nice to see little (not little anymore!!) David on the Blog...I guess naming someone after you is a way to ensure they will grow to be BIGGER than you...

Owen Mulligan said...

This is a great blog (great idea). Makes it easy to stop by and see what's up. :)


joyce said...

Welcome Owen!!
You're right this is a great blog & please stop by anytime. hope we get to see you this summer.

Gary the cake was butter cream frosting, yellow cake with lemon filling(it wasn't a HD cake)

the men folk were camera shy!

Uncle Bill said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Anne congratulations may you have many more good years!

Love Uncle Bill

PS: Sorry I missed the party but I'm in California holding Lady Grace!

Red said...

Looks like the party was a blast!

Wish we were there!

And a welcome to Owen too!

Owen, it is a great blog and it is even better when everyone shares a post from time to time... including you Vermonters!

Glad to see you on the blog!

helenmary said...

His name may be Owen Mulligan< but to me he is little owee ask his mom, I also say happy you found your way to the family blog and hope you will post many times more!If lurking is your thing we make it our biz to see that there is lots for you to see and read! hehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

Call me what you want, but I do not beleave any of the post were written by the real Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill has his own sence of expressions and not all are proper and slang does fit in in some cases. Good try you imposter Bill McCauley. Will the real Bill McCauley please stand up, or to blog sit down and type!

joyce said...

that may not be UB typing but it does sound like him giving dictation!

helenmary said...

I forgot to mention, mom looks GREAT!!