Sunday, December 21, 2008

South Florida's Christmas party

The Tree

Allie napping with Payton

The Children table. Some Cousins have never sat at the Children table.



Cat inspecting the feast.

Another feast picture.

Helen holding her son, I mean Grandson.

Helen and Payton.

Allie the musician.

Coffee and desert.


gpe said...

Thank you Scott and Alex for good eats, drinks and company. Nice job posting the pics too, SWM, the blog certainly welcomes your return!

gpe said...

PS.. I know I did my time at the kids table, did you??

PSS.. Notice that UB still has to use his 7-11 cup even when the Christmas wares are out and we are eating in the official dining room!! There only one UB and we lucky he's ours!!

Red said...

very nice post SWM!

Glad to see SoFlo lookin so cheerie!

The formal dining room?, wow you guys got some Mulli-pull!

BB and 7-11, there like peas n carrots...

joyce said...

very nice Scott, glad you made a return, you were missed.

The dinner looked like it was enjoyed by all A little birdie told me it was a wonderful evening very nicely done. They were made to feel so special & welcomed at the McCauley's home.

it is nice to see that Uncle Jimmy still has his place at the "head" of the holiday table.

helenmary said...

every post has its s**t shot um one of us eating and not giving approvel to the photog taker is high on my list!!hehehe otherwise that was a very nice night with family

John Mulligan said...

Thanks for the great photos Scott.