Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry!!! 5/21/08

Today is Harry's birthday.
So I thought I'd post
" an at work Harry pic "
from a few years ago when he was on a special detail after 911.
Does anyone recognize the location???


John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Harry!

Thats the Kensico Dam and he is road blocking Westlake Drive.

I'm guessing.....

Red said...

Looks like the woods to me...:)

Happy B-day HD!!!

A true American Patriot!

Its about time JAD posted some action shots of her better half!!!

We want more!!!!

swm said...

Breakneck Ridge.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Harry Who made him a special cake?

Nicholas and Elizabeth

joyce said...

You are correct john, on the place & the roadblock.
He also was on the Crouton Dam & Breakneck Mt, on rt 9D where the train lets hikers off. There is a water pump station there..

Not to fret Nicholas & Elizabeth I baked uncle harry his favorite cake today. devils food cake with double chocolate frosting, yum yum Like uncle mark(was) he is a chocolate cake lver.

gpe said...

Happy Birthday Harry!!

JAD it very nice of you to return the favor to HD (high def, harry) on his bday..he has brought joy to so many of us with his fine culinary skills..its good to let him know you appreciate it at least once a year.

And also you wouldn't want to be outdone by his 2nd life wife!!!


jad said...

2nd life wife...i don't think so. he's single & it better stay that way.

helenmary said...

you made the cake joyce is that why there is no PICTURE!!!!!hehehe,LOL Happy Birthday Harry you truely are a very nice guy and iam proud to call you my (brother) hay after so many years does blood still matter enjoy your day and i liked the picture winkwink a man in uniform joyce your a lucky girl!!