Sunday, May 25, 2008

Disney Hollywood Studios

The McCauley's took a two day getaway to Orlando Fl. We visited Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. These are picture from Hollywood Studios.

PS---A big shout out goes out to the living Mulligan veterans on this Memorial Day weekend, James, Owen, Carlos, Owen, David, and Scott.


Lightning Mcqueen
Billy Rests
The Gang
Cat Allie with a wannabe star.
Allie with the Army Men from Toy Story.
Allie with Kim Possible.
The Crew with Monster Inc.
Movie Props.

P40 from the Pearl Harbor Movie.
One of the Special Effects.


gpe said...

Nice post Scott. Billy must of loved the Cars the stuff...did he see the power rangers arive? They make a grand entrance...

John Mulligan said...

I got to get down there.....

Great pictures Scott!

Red said...

Great stuff SWM!

Was it a day trip or a weekender?

Also SWM, whats your take on hiring a professional photographer for the big reunion pic or just use our timers on our digcams???

Did you get your tee orders in to JAD yet?

Just wondering...

joyce said...

Love the pics Scott.

They were working on the stunt car part the last time we were there. It looks like fun.
did you go to the Indians Jones set? It's good but loud, may scare billy.

JohnChris how would you find a photographer? It's a good idea.
That pic would have to be done Friday . That is the only day everyone will be there at the same time.

John what time are U getting into CO on that day??

jad said...

i have 14 definates for t-shirts. need more to geet price & place order.

John Mulligan said...

Can be there for breakfast on Friday...

swm said...

We did see the Power Rangers. Hollywood Studios in my opinion is the best park for adults, but it has a little of everything for everybody. We were there in April and saw the car stunt show and Indiana Jones. We did other things this time. Still haven't made it to the light show which is supposed to be amazing.Hire a pro to take a few group photos and thats all. Personal cameras can handle the rest.

gpe said...

You gotta get your spot early for that MGM light show..fills up way ahead of show time. The millions of lights throughput the city streets are very cool too..

helenmary said...

nice post scott what a nice way to spend a long weekend!! family and fun!!