Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Picture of the Day - 3/17/08

Christmas in Mt. Vernon - '74? '75?


swm said...

74 or 75 sounds good to me.

PS--Happy Birthday Aiden who turns three today.

jad said...

Happy Birthday Aiden
Happy St Patrick's day Everyone!!

loving these old pics!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Aiden

Elizabeth& Nicholas

helenmary said...

memories, needed now more then ever, thank you for the post of old pics

gpe said...

can someone name everyone in the pic/ I of course recognize Aunt Jane, Anut Peggy, Uncle Owen but I am not sure about all the kids...come on someone humor the legally blind, we're fit to govern you know!!

joyce said...

Uncle jimmy is int he back next to the x-mas tree sporting a beard, maybe john with him
the boy in the front with the vest could be scott? & over on the right in the back is mark & owen That is diane up in front of pic near aunt jane
the babies are randy & kim(i could be wrong) but that is what i think.