Monday, March 24, 2008

Old Picture of the Day - 3/24/08

More Mt.Vernon Xmas - '75?


joyce said...

those apt. in Mt Vernon were huge!!

It had more room than some houses I've seen.

it 's great to see so many have voted on the poll. I think that is the most votes any of the polls have had.

If you can vote you certainly can post or leave acomment, Come on people!!

helenmary said...

thanks for the memories each one carries a smile!!! for all who view them thanks for another special pic post!!

swm said...

good photo. still hoping to catch a glimpse of one of your Hess trucks in the photos.

John Mulligan said...

Nah done on the toy and playland more left....have to check out Aunt Judy's old photo's..see if she has anything good..