Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Anthony visits the Easter Bunny!!
He wants to know if there is n basket with some goodies in his future??

Here is an Easter from a few years ago!!


the jilted village indian said...

Kid looks great!

and most times a great baby pic would get one past the previous post... but NOT in this case!!

let the barbin continue!

curious wants to know, what did the fellas do after this picture perfect moment???!!!

helenmary said...

probly went to meet the McCauleys and grandma at church and then to the pancake house or waffel house or some diner paid for by uncle jmmy hehehe! markis so cute, i like my coat and hat, kathy is adorable but was a little devel!! why does joyce have the niceses shoses? and i think she was first in line to try out for the first rocky movie playing adrine? LOL all i can say is life was good back then shame on this country!! My mother was and is a class act, so is scotts alex she dresses hergrils to the 9 for all the right times, yes class a touch of it still matters love the pic and anthony liked the easter bunny thats cool a non crying picture he looks so cute!!

jad said...

Helen, i think the jilted Indian was referring to the "fellas" where did they go after their pic...not the cute little kids you are talking about...and that is not nice calling me Adrian
yo he he, rocky this!!!

swm said...

great picture Joyce. I don't remember ever visiting regent st, but I remember every time we passed your apartment building someone would always comment, "thats where the Espositos' used to live".

joyce said...

Scott i believe you have been to the apt in PC, you were too young to remember that's all

Gary was 2 when we moved to WF.

joyce said...

nice fix, john...but ya know bigger & clearer isn't always better in this case, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

boy, if those pictures were tken today you'd think it was halloween!

jad said...

very funny, anonymous!!

you should have your own comedy corner.....not!!

Anonymous said...

good combacks>>>>>>>...........!funny too!! let me add to the comedy a few years ago????? um joyce is 52 and how old in that pic do the math? the word few needs to be changed to a LOOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO! LOLpissing my pants over here!