Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Few Words from Aunt Anne

3/21/08- what a beautiful tribute to my gentle baby - mark- i will treasure all your comments, pictures, marks very last note- he was so looking forward to that little truck- the cost to fix his chevy was too expensive-

I feel your right- you administrators would not have the job- and john i think mark would have had a lot of fun ribbing you-
In florida we celebrated March 18 with dinner and mark's favorite homemade cake- moist devil food chocolate with chocolate cool whip icing and the beautiful video made with love by andrea- "in memory6 of Mark" lastly when mark's headstone was put in at St Denis the wrong color was ordered by Lori McHoul which is there now however the correct color stone -canadian red like his fathers which is ready but will not be exchanged until that new york weather improves.


joyce said...

hey Mom,
Well spoken words from your heart.

It's nice to have you on the blog from time to time. Maybe now you will be back sooner than later!!

John Mulligan said...

More Aunt Anne!

Red said...

More Aunt Anne, Aunt Mo, UJ and UO too!!!

We need recent Original Mulligan's (OM's)pics and stories...

Lets get some updates before the Reunion!!!!