Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008!!

The Official Easter Pic

It begins with the coloring of the eggs

the waiting for the transformation

they're done!

The Easter Egg Hunt after dinner
& before desert!!

There were 66 plastic eggs to be found & find them they did!!


John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures Joyce!

John Mulligan said...

Moved that great picture to the top.. and enlarged it...

gpe said...

It looks like everyone had an egg-cellent time!!

Dyna is growing and growing, and very pretty!!!

joyce said...

Gary you're an egg-head!

i like the enlarged pic, it is a nice pic of the kids. they are growing up too fast. Soon they won't want to color eggs or hunt for them.
so those of you that have little ones enjoy every moment with them because as you can see it flies by quickly.
i will get off my soap box now.

helenmary said...

pritty, handsome pritty,pritty, handsome? Anna, Robert, Sarah,Dyna, Michael!!!! beautiful post and yes they are growing up!

helenmary said...

ps wish i had those eggs in my refrigator!! love them develed!!