Monday, January 7, 2008

We all can't Fly jets..

Here's what we did yesterday. The dreaded school project!
A Diorama of the Nile River landscape in ancient times.
It may not look like much but she worked on it over a week.
She had alittle help from me & Andrea but she did the majority of the work herself.

Then it's off to horse back riding lessons every Monday.
Sarah loves to ride. She usually rides a horse named Rusty. Today Rusty was resting & Sarah had to ride a pony named Opal (who she used to ride before). Opal is very stubborn at times & doesn't want to co-operate. Sarah handles her just fine!
So that's what we did yesterday!!


Red said...

I can honestly say that that display and fact sheet is better than any assignment/project I have ever received from any of my senior high students!!

Great job Sarah! Keep up the good work and soon you will be off to college too...

PS: Great riding too!
NY schools 1
CA schools 0

John Mulligan said...

Wow get a A in my book Sarah.....Great Pictures & Video

nutty as a squirrel said...

jason said i dont miss any of that hehe!! but nice work sarah!!nicholas are you paying attention?? wish i was riding a horse it looks like a lot of fun, you are a very well rounded girl and a darn nice one TOO!!! glade you shared

proud mama said...

I'm happy to report that Sarah earned a grade of a 100% on he project!!

gpe said...

Good job Sarah and keep up the good work!

helenmary said...

yes job well done!!!sarah, jason said way to go!!!he can see you put a lot of work into your project.and thats your job, he says he never handed in a shotty ,slopy or last min project. the teachers know the differnce.