Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A cold day in January.

Billy's first walking stick.

Remnants of a Fireplace. Hey Joyce would you loved to have this fireplace right about now.

The Road less traveled.
With these views, Cat can't believe NY lost the vote.

Fancy stone work.


Red said...

Great pics and what a nice field trip. It is amazing that you were so close to NYC... It looks like your at Versailles or Boturich Castle in Scotland...

Kathy M said...

I think its nice you get to enjoy the children and be there for them to do all the great things parents can for the gifts of having them, the pictures reflect the time you spend doing the teachings of what good is and the out doors, keep going strong Big Scott or should I say Daddy O !!!!

John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures Scott!

joyce said...

well big Scott, it looks like we may need that fireplace this weekend..

i love trips like this & the history that goes with it.

i wonder if they were the Guggenheim's that were on the Titanic? do you know?

Your kids are so cute but that bill is a lttle doll!

helenmary said...

nice post scott!! i enjoy your family adventures love to see you enjoying your kids, priceless!!!

gpe said...

Very cool pics Scott.. I'm always amazed at how many historic places exist all around NY..thanks for sharing.

PS do my eyes deceive me or did Kathy m make a comment on this post????

Here I come Elizabeth, this is the big one!!!

joyce said...

been watching a little too much sanford & son, gary!!