Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nine Days and Counting.

Dear fellow family members,
The Treatise was not written as a lark. (The Treatise can be read at The Mulligan blog, you will have to click on the older post to find it.) My time is better spent cleaning Billy’s ass, driving Catalina to religious indoctrination, and listening to Allie’s philosophical ruminations about the precipitous decline of the dollar. I do not have the time to type a 900 plus words essay for fun. So, for me to sit at my computer and write the Treatise there must have been a good reason to do it. And the reason why I wrote the Treatise was to warn everybody about the evil machinations of THE LONE WOLF . Unfortunately, my worst fears have been realized. THE LONE WOLF has committed the ultimate sin (no, its not adultery. Adultery isn’t a sin.). He has attacked John Mulligan, aka, “Muggs, Mully, JEM, The Boxwood Bastard, The Gentle Giant”.
His attack was so vicious and unprovoked it has caused our beloved Muggs to go into self imposed exile like the famed cellist Pablo Casals. Casals went into exile to protest the government of Spain. I believe Muggs has gone into self impose exile to protest the treatment that THE LONE WOLF has inflicted upon him. For those of you who are not up to speed on the conflict involving THE LONE WOLF and Muggs I will fill in the details to get you up to date.
Essentially, THE LONE WOLF attacked Muggs because he was upset that our administrator Gary gave Muggs full administrative powers to help out on the family blog. We all know that Muggs is kind, intelligent, and has an amazing propensity for good judgment. Also, Muggs loves to blog on our family blog and his own blog. I for one thought Muggs would make a great administrator. Muggs, unlike The Lone Wolf has no hidden agendas in my opinion. I am withholding a scolding diatribe against the lone wolf for the sake of family blog peace. When the Oracle (Aunt Anne) spoke over a week ago asking for love and peace on the blog I took her words to heart.
Uh oh, I think I smell shit. I only made it to 375 plus words this time.


John Mulligan said...

Thanks for the kind words and support Scott!

The hatchet is being buried between Chris and I as these words are written.

My return to the Blog will be forthcoming.

swm said...

That's great to hear. Even though I may not always leave a post on your blog,(be it the family or your own) I always make sure to check it out. It reminds me of freedom. Freedom rules!

gpe said...

Big S a man of few post but many words!!

Muggs it'll be good to have you back in the fold.. the record should reflect the Mulligan Clan blog is about inclusion not exclusion by choice or otherwise.

I hope I can remove the phrase "in exile" from the person of the week caption soon.....

joyce said...


there is room for all of here in "milliland"

helenmary said...

well done scott!! now i don't feel so bad when i try to express my self over some blogger posts!! I guess we are all cut from the same good cloth!! I never mean to offend? but defend i feel at times, your words did not fall on a blind or deaf bolg!! let our bloggin blog on in all shape was and form it's all good!!!I feel peaceful right now????

Anonymous said...

Pablo Casals?

Pablo Casals?

Pablo Casals?

What the ??????

helenmary said...

LOL11 anonymous sometimes thats all they leave us to say!!!hehehe!!