Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Hey guys! It's little lauren here. I'm sure everyone's been wanting to hear from me i know i know ;) haha just kidding! I wanted to post earlier on Uncle Mark's birthday but, never got around to do so. I wanted to share with everyone a poem i left for uncle mark on his birthday. Please share your opinions and be honest on what you think. My writing is very serious to me and i know one day i'll succeed to writing books and helping other's by being a physcologist. Hope you enjoy :)

Title: IF ONLY

If only minutes, hours, days, months, and years could stand still.
I'd press the rewind button and play on all the memories i have with you.
If only our thoughts had the power to bring people back.
I'd think you right back so, memories with you could grow.
If only the tears i've cried for you could build a stairway to heaven.
I'd run to the top with our family linked hand in hand and take you back to where you belong.
Take you home, Home is where you belong.
I'm 16 Now Uncle Mark
If only you could have been here to see me get older
I'm going to be driving soon uncle mark
If only you could of been here to give me advice for the road.
If only i could stop saying if only because there is nothing i can do to bring you back here with us.
I've been grieving the saying " Everything Happens For A Reason "
And i am so sick of hearing it.
Because You Conquered the fight
You conquered the devil; The world's biggest fear.
And now you're gone.
One day i will understand but, for now i don't.
Every Minute
Every Second
Every MOMENT in life.
We have the chance to change
I'm struggling in school uncle mark
If only you were here to help me
There is a patch of green grass
On the other side of my mind
When i think of you Uncle Mark
It makes me want to try and try
To get me to the other side.
You are my inspiration
You are my push forward
You are the wind that blows around me
The Leaves that fall to the ground.
The birds that chirp and sing
But, most importantly
The sutle calmness that opens my mind
The calmness that makes me feel free to love.
If only if only you were here to see
How when i fall
I brush myself off and move on
Only, Only because your the one i think of.
It is your birthday today Uncle Mark
You deserve to be happy.
Know that I miss you.
I miss you dearly.
I miss you so much not a doubt fills my mind.
I will one day climb the highest mountain for you
Swim the deep blue sea
I will one day stop saying if only
And accept you not here to see
Because, i know now
You are always always with me.
Happy Birthday Uncle Mark I Love And Miss You<3


gpe said...

Welcome back liitle l!

To be able to write and express yourself is a beautiful thing...I enjoyed your poem. I found it raw but very honest, thank you.

joyce said...

Hey Lauren,
enjoyed your poem & it is always a good thing to get those feelings out. That is how we can move on. Keep at it honey & you will succeed in what ever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, great poem. GPE, the only thing that is raw is your brain.

red said...

Welcome back CASPER!!!

Nice poem, Mark would certainly appreciate it.

Keep trying to improve on your writing, the best way to get better is to do what your doing, keep writin...

I thought your generation was tech savy????

Maybe you next posts will have pics or even videos... Surely Aunt Joyce cant be more tech savy than you or your siblings or cousins...???

helenmary said...

hi casper!!, first off i would like a copy of your beautiful poam to uncle mark, i can olny tell you this one day that poam is going to make someone smile, you just don't know it yet!! i could feel your words as i read your thoughts, thank you you for words that reach deep into our hearts where uncle mark will live forever, i was very moved by what you wrote. never stop thinking feeling or writting our thoughts are all we have and shearing them like is a gift!! keep writting!!!

laurenashley said...

thank you all for your generous honesty on my poem. It really means alot to me to hear your opinions on them. I've been writing like crazy ever since the passing of uncle mark and i continue to do so from here on out. Thanks everyone ! =) love you all<3

Kim Comstock's Hubby said...

Very, very nice.
"Raw" emotion is an excellent thing to put to paper. Very nice indeed...