Friday, November 30, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving Greetings!!


Better late than never!

Hope you all had a nice day like we did.

Love, the Wapp Fls Crew!!


John Mulligan said...

Great Video.....very funny...

helenmary said...

good going joyce you out did red with this one!!! that was great!! then i cried!! hehe no i did, um is it just me but how come no matter where or when hint way back in our calaghan visiting days?? kathy is always sitting in a chair!!!! LOL LOL LOL!! PS how much drinking did you do before the camera came on? hehe! and yes it was very funny,loved it

joyce said...

we are just a bunch of clowns , what can i say!!

Can't speak for the others, i for one had one glass of wine...i would have had more but i was the hostess & nearly burned the mashed potatoes, so i stuck to water.

as for Kathy always in a chair why would that change now.

joyce said...

actually , Helen it's Carlos in the chair, kathy is sitting on the arm of the sofa.

Red said...

Great stuff! Loved it cant wait to see more!!!

gpe said...

Well done Joyce... Its very nice to see all the family together from baby Anthony to Mom and everyone in between.

Well hehe they say dogs look like they're owners after many year maybe its true with married couples too... that would explain why u thought Carlos was Kathy!!!

the callaghans in broomfield said...

Quote... from PJC those guys are goovy..Happy Belated Thanksgiving...looks great. We had the other third of the family over... about 25 in all.

We love you all and some day we will do the holiday together,
God Bless our great big family...:)
phil and lori

the callaghans in broomfield said...

whoops my spelling stinks

goofy :) :)


joyce said...

so Bloomfield...where's the pics????

we were missing a few, Andrea went to her boyfriends mom's house & David stayed in brooklyn, because Gladys had to work very early the next day(black friday)

do't worry about your spelling there a few bad spellers in the grouplol!!!

helenmary said...

oh joyce!! ops to carlos the pic was dark, but i think the family knows what i ment hehehe!!