Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quick Update from So Fla

Inspired by KCM's recent contribution to the blog I present a few snippets happenings in South Florida from some of our junior clan members... We hope you enjoy.

Nick, Baseball..Enough Said...(playing 14u now..pitching, catching, infield.. need two more wins to win the fall championship - 11-0-3 record) 

Elizabeth and the chorus performed on science fair night..  

Apprentice Elizabeth performed in her first production (she is in blue)...

Jack-in-the-box (Elizabeth) in the Nutcracker.. Man are my arms tired!

And finally a left over from our summer stop in Philly...


joyce said...

Good pitching Nick!

Bravo Elizabeth!

And the guy speaking in the square should run for president, lol

Very nice Gary enjoyed all the clips!

brofy said...

Wow, Good stuff!