Sunday, December 27, 2015

November-and December Happenings from NY 2015

 On Sunday November 15, 2015,
 in a small intimate ceremony,
David Y. Esposito  married Nicole Rivera.
 Best wishes to the newly weds,
Mr. & Mrs. David Esposito
 Proud parents!
 November also brought a milestone birthday
 for Diane's boys
who turned 18.
 Michael and Robert will be graduating
 from high school June 2016!
 December means Christmas, and this year
 we cut down our Christmas tree
First HD stares down the tree...
 Then he gives it the saw.
 Its been a warm December
Here we are at Diane and Scott's
for our Christmas feast.
So from the Wapp falls Crew
Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!


Gary Esposito said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year to the Mulligan Clan!!

Congratulations to Nicole and David, very happy for you!!

Great post JAD.. Thanks for blogging away.. Elizabeth took a look at the blog to get birth dates to her 16 calander and next thing u know she is having a great time looking at pics and asking family questions... The power of the blog ersonified!!

helenmary said...

First off the picture of little David and Nicole is beautiful of them, all the pictures were very nice and i enjoyed everyone of them you guys got beautiful shots with significant family members all family is special but fo events such as weddings graduation and such a picture with mother father and grandmother are very very special.
The Christmas pictures of the DeCarlo tree cutting is always nice I never done that or even went on an outing with anyone to do that,it wont make my bucket list but i do enjoy seeing you guys get your family tree. the family picture at Diane and Scoots is very nice I love seeing everyone together makes me sad im not in it! lol, I particularly like seeing Robert all smiles in that back row he looks so mature and very handsome.well anyway everyone looks nice and i enjoyed the post. Thanks joyce your the best at keeping us in the know!